Puppy Love, Puppy Licks

by Mona on June 13, 2014

Spring is here, and I say halle-freaking-lujah to that, thankyouverymuch.  We become sun-starved in these parts, but now the sunny days are back, and happy days are here again.  What am I doing here, really? is what I ask myself round about February, but then May returns and I remember why.  This green lushness is why I stick around the PNW.  Roses bloom in February.  Seriously, it’s nuts, I love it.

So much busy since my last post.  I moved house and home, hosted a new workshop (more about that in a bit), and then one minute I’m picking up moving boxes from a friend of a friend, and this tiny creature comes hopping in the back door:


Big blue cast?  Cone of shame?  A ridiculously adorable puppy looking like a teddy bear/lamb/fox hybrid? You know when you just know? I knew. It was love, she was my dog.

Moving is always crazy-making for me.  Just when I think I’m organized and on track, I realize how not ready I am, then commence transformation into a manic stressball.  I know this well, because I’ve moved 8 times in the past 6 years.  Which is about 7 times too many.  But life, ya know?

Anyway, new place and puppy!  So good! I’ve wanted a dog for basically forever, but the time never felt quite right.  Then this house became available, and the time became now.  For years I’ve been fully convinced that I would adopt a sweet, super chill, older dog.  A good old, relaxed doggy pal that could roll with my random schedule and be happy to hang out while I’m at home banging away on my computer. Most important, it had to be a dog that would ignore my sweet older kitteh, because nobody is allowed to harass the Rosie.  Except me, to rub her belly, because it’s so fat and furry and soft and I must touch it.

photo 2
I mean, come on!

 I had to wait four long weeks to find out if I could adopt her.  Now, six weeks later, we’re a little family of 3, biped me, tripod Clementine, and quadruped Rosie kitty.  Something for everyone, I guess.

While all this was going on, I was planning a workshop that I’ve wanted to present forever.  When people find out I’m a makeup artist/health coach/stylist, I usually get at least 1 of 3 reactions*: 1. do you do makeup for TV or movies?, 2. “don’t look at me, my makeup is ______ (fill in the blank with synonym for ugly), and 3. what should I use on my skin?  My workshop – Exquisite Elixirs – was for the third question people.  Lately, I’ve been formulating my own whipped body butters.  I’m so excited by them that I’ve been walking up to friends and acquaintances and forcing them to feel how smooth and soft the skin on my arm is.  Exquisite Elixirs workshop was all about learning how easy it is to make amazing, nourishing whipped body butters and complexion serums at home, what ingredients to avoid, and how to feed your skin from within.  It was a wonderful experience.  We ate great food, and played with skincare; basically my idea of a perfect day.

Now, look at that little puppy tongue, because it’s the reason for this post.

photo 3 I will lick anything, including this pillow.

Would you eat your skincare products?  Me neither.  Not even the organic, gf/df, GMO/paraben/phthalate/etc.-free products that I use.  Guess who has no idea about any of that?  My puppy and my cat.  Miss puppy will happily lick anyone and anything within reach of her little pink tongue.  Pup is especially fond of a post shower lick attack on my ankles.  If I don’t want any toxic chemicals on my epidermis, I really don’t want them in my puppy’s tiny, post-amputation, still-developing system.  It’s bad enough she sneak snacks on compost, she doesn’t need any crappy skin stuff in her body too.  And remember, whatever gets on a cat, gets in a cat.  If you put hand cream on, then stroke your cat, your cat will be eating that cream at her next cat-bath.

Would you feel comfortable with a baby or a pet eating your skin products?  I really want you to think about this, because it’s important. If the answer is no, then it’s time to find products that do your body good, and are safe for you and all the small creatures in your life.

Next post: the recipe for my Exquisite Elixirs Whipped Body Butter. I’m not too modest to say that I made the best body butter I’ve ever used. You will love it!

*Answers: 1. No.  2. Please stop talking shit about yourself.  I’m off duty, and not judging your makeup, or lack of makeup. Unless your makeup is fabulous, in which case, I want to know your secrets. You want my professional assessment? Then hire me, we’ll talk. Until then, I truly do not care if you wear makeup, or how you wear it. 3. See answer 2.


Spring Fever of 101°

by Mona on March 21, 2014

I’m on my second day in bed. Portland is sunshiny and Springy today. It’s a measure of how crappy I feel that on this first day of Spring I’m indoors, because here in Portland it’s a requirement that even the rumor of a sunbeam demands you go outside.  You know that thing when you’re sick where you wake up feeling pretty ok, so you hop out of bed and start doing your usual morning routine, and then you overdo it, because you’re not in your right mind from all the snot clogging your nose that you’re pretty sure has started clogging your brain, and then you crash because you overdid it by behaving like you’re well when you’re not?  That’s me today.

Anyway, I’ve got it all: body aches, stiffness, chills, loss of appetite, cough, clogged sinuses, fever, and a runny nose that is driving me to distraction.  I also have all the remedies: homemade chicken soup, hot ginger/lemon tea, umcka, elderberry extract, zinc, Chinese herbs from the acupuncturist, essential oils, and these genius little cake thingies that steam up clouds of lovely eucalyptus and other sinus declogging magic when you put them in the bottom of the shower.  I’m doing everything I know to feel better while I recover, now it’s just a waiting game.

Here’s the view from my lap, nurse Rosie doing her usual bang-up job.  She just finished licking my shirt sleeve. Why was she licking my sleeve?


My poor nose is suffering. My nostrils are chapped and tender.  How am I supposed to blow my nose when it hurts so much? Why don’t I have something more powerful than moisturizer to put on this?

In my fevered haze I remembered an intriguing sample that I recently received.* I staggered over to a box of samples I left on my bedroom floor. Yes! I’m not delirious, there’s something that looks useful for my nose’s situation:

Air Repair Rescue Balm

AR2 RB1 Rescue Balm

It’s kind of miraculous.

I schmeared some on and my nose was happier.  I’ve been schmearing it on my nose and lips at least once an hour, but this balm is so concentrated that the tube is still almost full.  A full size tube must last forever.

Full of good things: Sweet Almond Oil, Lanolin, Beeswax, Vitamin E, Castor Oil, Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Borage Oil, Lavender and Geranium Essential Oils.  It’s gluten-free too!

Back in the day I worked for a cosmetic line that had something called “_ Hour Cream”, which we used for almost every kind of irritated skin situation. I would have been schmearing that on my poor nose if I hadn’t had my green awakening.** Now I have a gorgeous alternative that works. Air Repair, I thank you, and my nose thanks you.

Should you want to try this miracle balm yourself, you can buy it online from Air Repair, or perhaps while you’re passing through an airport.  It’s called Air Repair, get it?

*I subscribe to one of those cosmetic sample boxes. It’s pretty fancy, but many of the samples I receive are full of junky ingredients I won’t use, but this time they came through.

**FYI, that other cream is full of parabens, fragrance, and petroleum byproducts. No, thank you!


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